The Origin

Not long ago I didn’t even think about establishing my own business.
All the more I’m very happy now to present my own website to you.

In times of a German unemployment rate, which scores record figures, not only the requirements on assignment increase, but also increase the readiness of some so-called executive to replace lost benefices by lucrative/profitable avocation on the one hand and to safeguard the own job by infighting and intrigues on the other hand.

Associated??? consequences for work life as well as private life of the involved are unfortunately buried in oblivion/forgotten.

Work performed for the company no longer matter. Often the ultimate ambition is to ditch an inconvenient person. Regardless by which means.

The facts are being hush?? up, the objectivity is being ignored.

But the way of the innocent is protected by justice. Justitia is not blind.

There is defiance for everyone. The only question is, if you face up to them or not.
Liberal cerebration and speech are valuable commodities, even if it is not everyone’s cup of tea.
STRENGTH OF CHARACTER is to demonstrate/show straightness and to keep its chin up, even if the exerted pressure is almost unbearable.

To follow its conscience is much important than to be awestruck and to live ducked in the future.

Special thanks to those, who rightly never doubted me and who supported me at the time of change in different ways.

Mostly I’m glad to see, that the few disbelievers, by and by return back to the way of goodness.